Bryan’s newest book!

Vibrant Volunteers

How to Enhance Your Volunteer Culture!

Nonprofit organizations and churches of all sizes across the world wish they could do a better job working with the volunteers who give of their time and energy to support their cause. Enhancing the volunteer culture within these institutions is what this book is all about.

Just Out! E-Book

Volunteer Management During a Pandemic!

The thoughts in this abbreviated E-booklet are for any nonprofit or church that has had to shut down or has had to significantly reduce their operations during this pandemic.
What does this national re-opening in an organization that relies on volunteers look like? What should the leaders of these programs be doing, and what and how should they be communicating to their volunteers?
I have some thoughts about managing, leading, and caring for your organization’s volunteers during this strange season we all live in.

Volunteer Management for Non-Profit Organizations

Bryan Yeager’s “Volunteer Management for Non-Profit Organizations” which is now the basis of a new course in Volunteer Management at 

This compact book explores the key elements of managing volunteers, not only for events but also for the everyday volunteer assignments within non-profit organizations, and condenses practical volunteer management principles into one hundred information-filled pages.

Volunteer & Project Management

Time Tested Lessons From the Book Nehemiah

Several lessons that freely flow from this Old Testament book can be utilized in projects today. Topics covered include team building, preventing and dealing with conflict, selecting leaders, managing transitional phases, considerations for volunteer security, keeping the project on track, and much more.