Consulting Services

Our consulting services include:

We offer a consulting process to enhance your volunteer culture into a vibrant one.

For institutions that need help to recruit volunteers, retain volunteers, get better results from volunteers, or make the volunteer culture more positive.

Also, for institutions that, for multiple reasons, have lost that vibrant culture and need to establish it once again.

Our consulting process includes the following:

  • Conduct an online volunteer survey: A survey helps your institution discover the observations, insights, perceptions, and attitudes of your volunteers. The results will help you determine what the strengths and weaknesses need to be addressed in your volunteer management. We can also conduct an online survey for your leadership team that helps your institution discover their perspective of the volunteers, the work that is being accomplished, and what is working and not working.
  • DISC Assessments: We have repeatedly seen what a proper DISC Assessment can do for a leadership team by providing insights into the personalities and behavioral patterns of each leadership team member.
  • Specialized consulting: Based upon the need of your church or organization.
  • Large and small event consultation: Assist with event leadership and volunteer organizational structures, timelines, recruiting, management, and retaining efforts.